How it works:
Each quarter our mighty editor will create a five-song Spotify playlist.  You listen to it and then write a short story inspired by one of the featured songs. Please note: “Inspired by” is a loose guideline and is open to personal interpretation.


  • Please do not use any of the song lyrics in your work. Lord Google has been vague on how much of a song one can use without violating copyright so stick to “inspired by” and hopefully none of us will be sued by record company executives who roll around in money for fun.
  • Original work that has not been previously published
  • No fan fiction (I have nothing against fanfic but I can’t post it here. Head over to or archive of our own if you’re looking for a ff platform.)
  • Please submit only one story per quarter

Minimum length 500 words; max length 2,000 words.

Open to short fiction of all genres.

How to Submit:
Glitterface accepts submissions via email at We accept word documents (.doc or .docx) and .PDFs ONLY. For story formatting tips, click here.

Simultaneous Submissions:
Yes. Please send a note to the inbox if your story is accepted elsewhere.

Yes! If your story is published you will receive $5.00 via PayPal. (Glitterface is a self-funded independent journal and is unable to offer additional compensation at this time.)

Time between submission/response:
Let’s call it three months and hope it doesn’t take that long.

Rights Stuff:
We ask for first publishing rights for one month. After one month all rights revert back to the author.

Surprise us. Make us feel something. Make us laugh. Make us cry. Don’t be afraid to be weird. Give us something we would have never thought of ourselves.

Final words:
Selecting pieces for this site is a subjective process.  If you receive a rejection please avoid the writer trap of “OMG I AM THE LITERAL WORST!!!”  by remembering our editor is about two days away from being cast in Idiocracy: The Documentary.